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*According to Synergy Research (2017)

Connect the world with interconnection

Equinix Data Centers are much more than a data storage or system storage space; they enable our customers and partner companies to get interconnected with each other and expand their business opportunities. In other words, it is where the digital economy is realized through digital transformation. EQUINIX has been increasing the bases of digital economy around the globe, and today, connecting with EQUINIX is the key for your successful business in future.

As digital transformation accelerates around the globe, EQUINIX is proud to offer a global platform to support the expansion of business opportunities.


Connect to more than 9,800+ clients


More than 2,900+ Cloud and IT providers


Over 200+ Data Centers covering 25 countries


1,800+ Networks


Multi-cloud use cases

Building a network of on-premise cloud, or between multiple clouds is the big challenge in this multi-cloud era. Using data centers, you can use direct interconnection (interconnection) to dynamically connect a variety of cloud services and more competitive companies. To learn more about Equinix Cloud Exchange Fabric™, please visit our multi cloud use cases.


Remote connection between Tokyo & Osaka – how it helps your disaster recovery strategy

The realization of digital transformation is becoming ever more important for future companies. In this whitepaper, we demonstrate how Equinix Cloud Exchange Fabric™ can help companies maximize user experience and application performance, solve various problems encountered in multi-cloud, and respond quickly, cheaply and securely to DR.

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Migrate from on-premise environment to the cloud

Moving to private cloud and public cloud infrastructure and IT systems is challenging even for experienced IT professionals. To exploit the flexibility and power of the cloud comes great responsibility.  We will introduce each item for robust cloud design such as security rule setting and application extension, to help you avoid adopting an incoherent cloud design.

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International Business Exchange (IBX™)

IBX Data Center is what EQUINIX calls its Data Center. IBX stands for International Business Exchange, a space where all kinds of businesses gather from across borders, where our customers can make transactions and collaboration with each other, to create a new value from “interconnection”. It is more than a Data Center, it is where over 240,000+ interconnections fuel a rapid acceleration of business growth.

Data Center that is like no other. Equinix — The world's No. 1

Equinix delivers a wide range of services to respond to a variety of IT infrastructure needs of our clients.

Data Center Services

Equinix IBX Data Centers are carrier-neutral metropolitan data centers. We operate ten data centers in Tokyo and one in Osaka. Major network and cloud providers are found in our data centers in large numbers, allowing our customers to choose the one they want to directly connect to with low-latency, secure connection.

Secured Cabinet • Private cage • Rental office space (IBXflex™) • Rental office space

Interconnection Services

Equinix provides reliable, high-speed connection in large cities and within our data centers, making it possible to interconnect service providers such as network and cloud providers and contents businesses, to user companies.

EQUINIX Cloud Exchange™ • EQUINIX Internet Exchange™ • EQUINIX Connect™ • Metro Connect • Cross Connect

Managed & Technology Services

Equinix offers a wide range of services for companies that need support in IT system deployment and operation. We help decrease customers’ burden of managing IT infrastructure and IT system operation by offering IT equipment rental service and managed services, Cloud services, Operation monitoring services, IT professional services to support system development and IT infrastructure development, as well as Managed Infrastructure Services that provides emergency response to IT infrastructure problems.

Resource utility services • Managed operations services • Professional services

Equinix is expanding the ecosystem with our partners and customers

The world’s largest ecosystem of cloud service providers in Equinix Cloud Exchange Fabric™.

Direct connections to cloud service providers helps you address performance and scale challenges in your hybrid cloud deployments.


Global Interconnection Index

Interconnection Bandwidth Growth Projected to Outpace Public Internet by 2020 Japan is expected to grow 45% per annum. Interconnection is an importance of the digital economy.

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