Colombia Data Centers

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Colombia Data Centers

More than 25 companies colocate with Equinix in Colombia to connect to business partners and customers across digital supply chains. Our International Business Exchange™ (IBX®) data center is strategically located in Bogotá, the country’s largest metro market with the largest number of subsea cable landings in Latin America.


Equinix in Colombia is home to many thriving, diverse business ecosystems including:

  • A dense collection of carriers, with proximity to the primary network exchange point between the U.S. and Latin America, located in Miami
  • Managed hosting service providers inside our IBX
  • A wide range of service providers and enterprises

Our state-of-the-art IBX, located in the Zona Franca free trade zone in Bogotá, provides 2,000+ square meters (21,500+ square feet) of colocation space. Our rich portfolio of services can help companies get data center operations up and running – from Equinix’s expert Global Solutions Architects, who can design and optimize your colocation and network services, to our Smart Hands™ support team for remote data center management.

Explore how Equinix can help you accelerate your business in Colombia and learn about our recently acquired IBX as a part of our acquisition of Verizon data centers.