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Digital transformation on Platform Equinix helps manufacturing companies increase revenue and lower costs by streamlining operations and predicting customer demands through greater insights. See how you can leverage the power of interconnection to become an industry leader.


Leverage the Power of Integration and Collaboration

Optimized IT infrastructures enable innovation, reduce costs and integrate supply chains using real-time insight. Companies can get proactive in solving supply chain inefficiencies.

Benefits of digital transformation for manufacturers:

  • Controlled costs: Provide the capability to continually optimize cost performance
  • Dynamic R&D: Innovate to meet the demands of customers
  • Integrated supply chains: Better manage inventory and pricing controls
  • Real-time insight: Control, customize and track production


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PAC Report: Digital Industrial Revolution with Predictive Maintenance

This report explores the impact that digital transformation has on maintenance processes and achieving cost savings. More than half of all European organizations run predictive maintenance initiatives for a tangible business impact.

PAC Report Findings:

  • 93% of companies describe their maintenance processes as not very efficient
  • 55% of the companies are piloting predictive maintenance initiatives
  • 49% of companies plan to further invest in maintenance initiatives


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Forrester - The ROI of Interconnection Oriented Architecture

Read the full study to see the detailed benefits realized by Equinix customers and understand the framework to evaluate the potential financial impact of interconnection on your organization.

Forrester @2x

Innovate with a
Hybrid Cloud Strategy

One of Asia’s leading electronics manufacturers leverages Equinix Cloud Exchange Fabric (ECX Fabric™) to interconnect its hybrid cloud architecture. Software is developed and tested in the public cloud to enable workload fluctuations and migration into private cloud for better cost control.

Digital Industrial Revolution

Explore how European manufacturers and transport operators are approaching predictive maintenance initiatives from an investment, infrastructure implementation, and strategy perspective.

“With Equinix, Wehkamp’s data centers are set up in such a way that they can continue the service in the event of a crisis or a disaster with emergency response equipment.”

– Robert Krahé - ICT Manager, Wehkamp

“In connectivity terms, Equinix is one of the world’s backbones. Through Equinix, we can connect to cloud service providers and data centers worldwide.”

– Michael Doves - Chief Sales Officer, BlueMine

Diversifying Operations by Moving to the Cloud

ASICS EMEA takes IT infrastructure to the cloud, optimizing performance, gaining agility and managing risk.

Enable Digital Transformation

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