Benefits of virtual network services

  • Reduce capital expenses (CAPEX)

    Scale network services from the core to the edge without the need for any CAPEX or additional physical hardware or equipment

  • Scale or augment existing physical IT solutions

    Lower the barrier to enter new markets with better performance at a lower risk

  • Improve performance with ultra-low latency

    Deploy network services in proximity to both the cloud providers and end users. Unlock new use cases that core IT deployment models can’t handle (e.g., IOT, Machine Learning, AI, etc.)

  • Gain multi-vendor flexibility

    Choice of multiple vendor virtual network services, or leverage the same vendors you already use for on-premises deployments

  • Achieve faster time to market

    Available in minutes instead of months through automated network configurations

  • Access pre-integrated ecosystems

    Includes clouds, networks, public internet, WAN providers and digital supply chain

  • Simplify your network with automation

    Easily stitch together virtual network services from different vendors as part of a single workflow, freeing up time for the network team

  • Drive the distribution of services and controls

    Build a digital edge closest to customers, employees, partners and ecosystems to reach everywhere, interconnect everyone and integrate everything

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