Products and Services FAQs

Equinix is making improvements to offer our customers a more consistent experience, globally. Here you can find what has changed in services, a From/To list to help you identify new nomenclature for products that you have acquired from us, what has changed in the way of marketing for Smart Hands™ and Cross Connect services and in the prices of acquired services or in billing, and who should you contact in case of questions related to products and services changes.


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Will the services rendered by Equinix in Brazil change?

The Equinix portfolio will only undergo changes to nomenclature and its digital experience, but the scope and current service level will remain unchanged. That means that all services with portals, with self-service or dashboards, will undergo layout and browsing changes, but the features currently available will be maintained. If you have acquired any services that will undergo major changes to their digital experience, you will be notified about such changes.

What is the reason for these changes?

Equinix customers are increasingly benefiting from other Equinix International Business Exchange™ (IBX®) data center’s regions. It is important that Equinix customers have a standardized and global experience whenever they purchase our services. These changes will provide operational improvements that will enhance their overall experience within Equinix. In addition, Equinix is constantly investing in processes and customer communication improvements. That is why developing our customer service channels and portals are so important.

How can I determine the category of the products I have contracted with Equinix?

You can obtain this information by accessing here.

Will services changes affect only new agreements or ongoing agreements as well?

All changes to Equinix’s product nomenclature, billing descriptions, documentation and portals will also be applied to ongoing agreements. However, there will be no changes to services rendered, monthly fees or service level agreements (SLA) established in ongoing agreements. Your experience with Equinix services will not be impaired in any way.

Which services will change its nomenclature?

Most nomenclature services will be modified to ensure our customers an unique global experience. A few customers with long standing contracts may notice some significant changes. Newer contracts already have its new nomenclature services. You can obtain this information by accessing the From/To List here.

Will there be any changes to SLAs of contracted services?

There will not be any changes to SLAs of existing products.

Will there be any changes on service specifications acquired from Equinix?

Service specification documents will have its formatting and text changed, however SLAs and conditions will not be changed. In addition, the documentation will be available here and no longer on the Equinix Customer Portal (ECP). The formats and channels of disclosure will be the same as those adopted by Equinix globally.

Will there be any changes in how the Smart Hands™ and Cross Connect services are marketed?

Yes. The hiring experience will be adjusted to ensure proper alignment with the global process, mainly through changes in the Equinix Customer Portal’s (ECP) interfaces. In addition, you will no longer need to wait out the hourly estimate to proceed with the approval cycle when requesting Smart Hands. Your request will be immediately forwarded to the team in charge, streamlining the entire process.

Will there be any changes to pricing services or billing logic?

All pricing changes made by Equinix will only be applied to new contracts. There will be no change to monthly fees, conditions and arrangements established in ongoing agreements.

If I have any questions regarding these service changes, who should I contact?

Contact the Customer Success Manager (CSM) responsible for your account if you have any doubts about your Equinix portfolio or your contract.