Equinix Customer One™(ECO)

ECO was developed as a result of customer feedback requesting more flexibility and self-service capabilities. Part of integrating AMS1 onto Equinix systems will involve migrating your assets, billing and customer information onto ECO. This will lead to changes to the way you currently receive and pay your invoices.

Invoices from Equinix are more detailed than your existing invoices. The new format will make it easier for your billing team to reconcile the invoice and understand your costs for specific Equinix products and services.

Whereas your current Switch Datacenter invoices show multiple products and services invoiced together on one line, your Equinix invoices will display services split by each product line (e.g. 1 line for colocation, 1 line for power). Your new invoices will provide additional information about your services and will use Equinix product descriptions from our Global Product Catalog. You will find more detailed information regarding these product name and description changes in the Product Changes section of this Resource Centre in the coming weeks.

Any change to your existing services will be reflected in the following month’s invoice and will include the sales order number that was generated for the change.

The current bank details you use to pay your invoices today will change. New bank details will be provided and we will contact you nearer the time with all the relevant information. In the meantime, please continue to pay invoices for current services to the existing bank account details you have on file for Switch Datacenter.

Switch Datacenter invoices are currently issued within the first few calendar days of any given month’s service period. Once integration onto Equinix Customer One (ECO™) is complete, your invoices will be issued on the first calendar day of the month for the current service period and will include metered power charges. If you receive your invoices quarterly or annually, we will align to monthly invoicing moving forward.

Currently your metered power invoice period is up to the last day of the month and is invoiced one month in arrears. For example, the January charge would be included in the February invoice. Once the integration to ECO is complete, the billing frequency for metered power will remain the same and your invoices will be issued on the first calendar day of the month, showing the billing period of when the readings were taken.

Equinix invoices will include additional information on the metered power charges, such as quantity, unit price, period covered, etc.You will no longer be able to log into the CCC portal to review your current usage.

As we transition you from the Switch Datacenter invoicing system to ECO, you’ll notice some changes to the invoice format.

The Equinix invoice format was developed based on feedback from our customers. It contains separate sections detailing new activity, existing activity and de-installations, allowing customers to clearly identify changes over the course of time. The format also shows additional information in relation to your agreements. You will notice the product names are consistent with those listed in the Equinix Global Product Catalog. For more detailed information on the Equinix format, please see the Invoice Format section in this Resource Center.

Yes, you can change the way the charges are presented on your invoices. Our invoicing system allows you more choice on how your invoice is generated based on your individual preferences, including breaking down and summarizing charges on each invoice. Invoices can be split, sorted and grouped in several different ways. We have selected the invoice split option that is the closest match to how you are currently invoiced.

If you are interested in finding out more, our support team will answer any queries relating to these changes. Please contact us on NL.FINOPScustomersupport@eu.equinix.com.