Customer Success Managers

As a customer of Equinix, you will have an assigned CSM to help you access the IBX®, guide you on how to place orders and answer any related questions that may arise. Your CSM will confirm order details, review IBX policies and be your post-sales point of contact.

Before integration, you will be contacted by the Customer Care team who will set up an Onboarding Session with you. During this session, they will provide you with further information regarding the role of your CSM and how to contact them. Alternatively, once integration is complete and you have established access to the Equinix Customer Portal (ECP), you can go to the Support tab and click on My Equinix Contacts to find out the name of your CSM.

Equinix Customer Portal

The ECP is a web portal enabling all customers to conduct business with Equinix. It is the quickest and most efficient way of requesting services as this will eliminate the need for manual processing of requests which can take longer. The ECP provides four key functions:

  • User Management
  • Services
  • Operations
  • Support instruction

User and Administrator Training for the ECP will be available in the Download Section of this Resource Center.

On the day of integration, we will send notifications to all the current contacts with access the CCC portal. We will be sending two emails:

  • The first email will contain your username
  • The second email will contain your pin number and set-up instructions.

Please ensure your contact details are up to date as these instructions will be sent automatically once the integration is complete.

Once your access set-up is completed you will be able to access the ECP using the link below:


If you do not have permissions to access the ECP, please contact your Master Administrator who will be able to register you in the Equinix Customer Portal and create a user profile for you. Your Master Administrator will also be able to allocate your ordering permissions. You may also contact your CSM directly.

Please be aware, you will not be able to access the ECP until the integration is complete

The following products and services can be ordered via the ECP:

  • IBX access
  • Shipment Tickets (Inbound and Outbound)
  • Smart Hands™ (where available and response times will be dependent on the IBX)
  • Trouble Tickets
  • Cross Connects
  • Conference Room bookings

The ECP works as a ticket-based system and you will receive a ticket number for each transaction.

For other products and services such as cages, cabinets and power please contact your Account Manager for a manual order.

Equinix International Business Exchange™ (IBX®)

IBX stands for International Business Exchange. This is the name Equinix gives to our 200+ data centres around the world where our cloud and network density ensures superior interconnection enabling collaboration among our customers.

You can qualify for access to an IBX in one of three ways:

  • Be a registered user in the ECP and have access permissions assigned by the Master Administrator(s) nominated by your company
  • Have a Work Visit Ticket created by the Master Administrator
  • Be an escorted guest of a registered user who has been assigned “Bring Guest” permissions in the ECP

If this is your first visit to the IBX, your company’s administrator should open a work visit ticket or a Security Access/Proxy ticket 24 hours in advance via the ECP.

Access to an Equinix IBX must be arranged before coming to the site. Visitors without approved access will not be granted access. In each case, visitors will need to bring valid government-issued photo ID such as drivers’ licence or passport. Please note photocopies cannot be accepted.

There is no notice period for Work Visits submitted via the ECP. Upon submitting complete details, you will receive a ticket number which can be used to gain immediate access to the site. Work Visit requests submitted via email are not immediate as they need to be manually processed by the CSM and may take much longer.

Tickets must be created in the ECP in advance for all inbound and outbound shipments. Please ensure you identify any over-sized shipments (cabinets, large crates) in your Shipping Receipt. If you require support to unload cargo and deliver to your cage, you will be invoiced accordingly as a Smart Hands service.

  • If a shipment is received without a ticket being opened, you will receive a notification to open a ticket within 24 hours. You will not be able to collect the shipment until a ticket has been opened.
  • Your IBX will store shipments for a maximum of 5 business days. After this time, the shipment may be returned to the sender at the customer’s expense.
  • Customers must use the freight entrance for deliveries during normal business hours.

A work visit ticket, or a site tour ticket needs to be created for all visitors by your Administrator in the ECP. Unannounced visitors will not be allowed entry to the site. For further information on accessing your IBX, please refer to the Secure Access Procedures section in this Resource Centre. We will notify you by email when this will be available.

The correct address format for a shipment is:

Delivery address:

Company Name - Your Company’s name

C/O Equinix

System name/IBX address + site reference

All deliveries must be logged by raising a ticket 24 hours in advance, either directly via the ECP or via the GSD. Standard business hours for deliveries are Monday to Friday 08.00-17.00 hours.

The Loading Dock operates during business hours only. Shipments can be delivered outside of business hours, but they will require an after-hours shipment ticket (via the ECP or the GSD) which will require site level approval and additional charges may apply.

A site reference will look like this:

Site Reference:
AM11:01:04XXXX Account name: 0213

Your site reference explained
AM11 – data center (Amsterdam IBX 11)
01 – floor number (first floor)
041201 – cage / hall number
Account name – company name
Cabinet XXXX (if shared area)

A Patch Panel reference will look like this:

Patch Panel Reference:

Your patch reference explained
PP             Patch Panel
CP             Customer Provided Patch Panel
0213          Cabinet the Patch Panel is in
1234456   Unique Patch Panel identifier

Cross Connects are run from demarcation panel to demarcation panel via the Meet-Me-Room (MMR). If you require a connection to be extended to your equipment (patching to your equipment), you will need to open a Smart Hands ticket and a site technician will extend it for you.

When requesting a Cross Connect, you will be considered the A-side, and you will receive the invoice for this. The Z-side of the Cross Connect is the customer you have requested to connect to and you will not be invoiced for this.

The target turnaround time for Cross Connects is 1-3 days if there are no issues with demarcation information provided by the carrier. Please note, the demarcation information must be provided in the order or as an attachment to enable the Cross Connect to be completed. If there are any queries regarding demarcation, the GSD technician will contact the customer to clarify.

Please be aware, there are times when the ports are occupied and setting up Cross Connects may take longer.

A Cross Connect ticket can be opened via the ECP which is the preferred method, or it can be requested by email and opened via the GSD. The following information is required for all Cross Connect orders:

  • A-side termination point (cage/ cabinet/ patch panel/ ports)
  • Z-side termination point (cage/ cabinet/ patch panel/ ports)
  • Technical Contact details
  • Connection type and media type
  • Copy of Purchase Order (for PO bearing customers)

The quickest way to place orders is via the ECP for those products and services available in ECP. However, you may also place orders via phone if you have appropriate ordering permissions assigned in the ECP. For more information, please contact your CSM during business hours.

For products and services not available in the ECP, such as cages, cabinets and power, please contact your Account Manager who will arrange a manual order for signature.

Your Account Manager is responsible for all questions about pricing.

Once the integration is complete, please call us on the telephone numbers provided on the Equinix website.

Equinix will notify you of any ongoing situation via email. You will receive continuous updates for the incident until the situation is resolved.

Equinix Policies and Procedures may be found on and in the Download Section of this Resource Center.

The maintenance notification is an alert to notify you we will be carrying out work which may affect your service(s). The details and impact of the maintenance will be described in the body of the email notification. Should you require additional information, please contact your CSM.

  • Equinix customers can also use Equinix Customer Portal Mobile (available for iOS or Android) to order Equinix products and services, review orders, and communicate directly with Equinix technicians.
  • Users can place orders for Smart Hands, Work Visit, Inbound Shipment, Outbound Shipment, Trouble Ticket, IBX Access, and Conference Room Booking.
  • To begin using ECP Mobile, please download the app from Apple Store or Google Play and then login with your current ECP username and password on your mobile device.
  • Users can also receive mobile push notifications for pending storage items so that timely action can be taken on these notifications. The push notifications can be turned on/off within the ECP Mobile app settings.

You will be able to view your assets in our IBX data centres and download an Installed Base Report from the ECP. We recommend you download the report and become familiar with the new Equinix naming conventions, such as the site references. The Installed Base Report is an important source of information. It will help you conduct business with Equinix and assist in understanding the changes in naming conventions.

If you have a Cross Connect, it is important to note that these Cross Connects have been assigned to a patch panel demarcation point inside your cage or cabinet.

If you have a Secured Cabinet in an open area, this cabinet will have an Equinix cabinet number assigned to it.

If you have a complaint, please contact your CSM who will be able to take appropriate action. If this is not possible, and you still wish to make a complaint or you wish to leave feedback, please Tell Equinix via our website.

Alternatively, for complaints regarding real-time issues, please contact your CSM or our after-hours Support Team by phone or email. Contact details are provided on the Equinix website.

These changes only apply to former Switch AMS1 services and will have no impact on the way you do business and the services you receive from Equinix outside of the Netherlands.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Care Integration Team.