Equinix VEOX The virtual cross-connection system within Equinix

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Individual or n-fold E0 signals in fractional E1 cannot be directly interconnected in standard SDH networks and topologies. Instead, they usually have to be interconnected as a complete E1 line.

The Equinix VEOX platform - the virtual E0 cross-connection system within Equinix VMMR - divides E1 lines into up to 31 time slots that can be redeployed, groomed and directly interconnected on time-slot level. Only the bandwidth that is actually needed is ever used, making your network more efficient and flexible.

  • Improves the utilization of 2 Mbit/s bandwidths (E1), grooming signaling channels, and directly interconnects carriers on an n*64 kbit/s basis.
  • Particularly effective for expensive international lines or connections, allowing you to use existing capacities optimally and flexibly according to current business needs.

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Equinix Connect Datasheet

Equinix Connect delivers IP connectivity over a redundant Ethernet platform to provide a fast, resilient and flexible service.

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