Mobile Content Providers Streamlining mobile content delivery

Data, not voice, is driving the bulk of mobile traffic.

Mobile content and applications represent the bulk of mobile traffic. To achieve a satisfactory end-to-end service, you must acquire the fastest and most scalable access to end users and value chain partners. Whether it’s for HD video, streaming audio, or social networking, you typically need more than one partner to make the entire solution work. For example, a social networking game often accesses data from multiple content providers. To provide your customers with a winning experience, you need to deploy in proximity to users and content partners.

Equinix puts you closer to users and partners.

Platform Equinix delivers the distributed infrastructure you need to localize services for more streamlined content delivery.

  • Improve performance by connecting directly to the world’s leading mobile and wireline networks
  • Reduce latency and increase user satisfaction by connecting directly to popular applications and content, including social networking, audio and video, advertising and email
  • Deliver end-to-end enablement (mash-ups) by connecting directly to value chain partners
  • Rely on 10M+ ft 2 of global data center capacity in 32 global markets to ensure your operations can scale
  • Localize traffic within the largest consumer markets globally

  • SEVEN-Networks (PDF)

    Learn how SEVEN used Platform Equinix to directly connect to value-chain partners to enhance the performance, reliability and security of its applications and services.

In Their Words

“Scaling efficiently is critical to our future success. With Equinix, we get high-grade connectivity at attractiveprices. Just as important, we can access bandwidth and install services quickly to launch services for new customers.”

— David Ratner, COO, SEVEN Networks
Interconnection Services
  • Cloud Services
    Helping you find the fastest route to cloud revenue.

  • Content & Digital Media
    Improve performance while controlling costs and complexity.

  • Enterprise
    Connect to best-in-class vendors to control complexity and speed time-to-market.

  • Financial Services
    Power liquidity and profits by maximizing volume and opportunity across global markets.

  • Mobility
    Expand your reach through interconnection-rich hubs with the highest density of business-critical applications, networks, service providers and content sources.

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    Maximize your profit and growth through efficient interconnection and access to new channels of revenue across the globe.