Equinix Cloud Exchange

Equinix Cloud Exchange is an advanced interconnection solution that enables seamless, on-demand, direct access to multiple clouds from multiple networks in more than a dozen locations around the world.


Equinix Cloud Exchange Features

  • Secure, high-performance connections—Equinix Cloud Exchange provides virtualized, private direct connections that bypass the Internet to provide better security and performance with a range of bandwidth options.
  • On-demand, automated connectivity to clouds—The Equinix Cloud Exchange portal and APIs simplify the process of provisioning and managing connections to multiple cloud services and networks.
  • One port, many virtual circuits—Connect to many participants (clouds, networks, enterprise customers) over a single physical port, enabling dynamic bandwidth allocation among various parties.
  • Global availability—Equinix Cloud Exchange is available in 17 top business markets worldwide.
  • Largest cloud ecosystem—Equinix Cloud Exchange offers the broadest choice of cloud services—including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, SoftLayer, and others—in the data center services industry.
  • Integrates with Equinix Performance Hub™—Enhance the performance and availability of cloud-based applications and services by using Equinix Cloud Exchange as part of an Equinix Performance Hub deployment.

High-Performance, Reliable, and Secure Cloud Connections

Equinix Cloud Exchange provides a secure path for accessing cloud resources with very high throughput and consistency. In fact, tests run in Equinix Solution Validation Centers™ show increased throughput of 147% when connecting directly to the cloud as compared to using public Internet connections.

Benefits for Corporate IT Customers:

  • Improved performance of cloud-based applications and workloads through high-throughput, low-latency connections
  • Automated, near-real-time provisioning of cloud services from multiple providers, with enhanced service orchestration and management capabilities
  • Multiple bandwidth options with support for bursting to accommodate peak traffic volumes without having to maintain constant peak-level capacity
  • Increased security by keeping applications within your data center's local area network
  • Lower costs, enabled by reduced WAN expenses and 30% to 50% discounts for outbound data transfers from top public cloud services

Benefits for Network and Cloud Service Providers:

  • Expanded geographic reach for your services through 17 Equinix Cloud Exchange locations in top markets around the world
  • Simplified operations and shorter time-to-market through automated provisioning and advanced service monitoring and management features
  • Traffic aggregation over one-to-many virtual connections enable highly efficient use of bandwidth to serve greater numbers of customers at lower cost
  • Secure, high-throughput, low-latency connectivity that greatly expands the potential workloads and applications that your customers can migrate to the cloud
  • Access to the data center industry's largest, most diverse ecosystem of enterprise customers

Many Clouds, Many Connectivity Options

We give you unrivaled choice and flexibility so you can pick the cloud services and connections best suited for your applications, workloads, and business requirements. Equinix is home to not only the most cloud services in the data center industry, but also to the top cloud providers. Our data centers are the only data centers where you can get private, direct connections to Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform, and SoftLayer.

Equinix Cloud Exchange provides virtualized, private connections that are as scalable, on-demand, and easy-to-get as the cloud services they support. Multiple bandwidth options are available. And while it can sometimes take weeks to provision and configure network connections to cloud services, with Equinix Cloud Exchange, your cloud connection can be up and running in mere hours.


Portal and APIs


Equinix Cloud Exchange enables buyers and sellers to quickly provision cloud connections through the Cloud Exchange Portal or programmatically through APIs. The APIs allow sellers to build a single interface to Equinix Cloud Exchange, which allows for scalable provisioning and management of private, secure connections to their cloud services.  Cloud buyers likewise benefit from the operational scalability API integration offers.  The Cloud Exchange Portal offers comparable functionality for buyers and sellers not yet ready for API integration.


Equinix Cloud Exchange Locations

Businesses can currently join Equinix Cloud Exchange 17 markets worldwide, with 2 additional markets available by the end of Q4 2014. Equinix Cloud Exchange provides the geographic flexibility you need to connect to regional networks and clouds that can best fulfill the application performance needs of end users in distant regions, while reducing overall costs.


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