Key Speakers

We are still putting the finishing touches to the agenda. The line-up below is in draft so expect many more exciting additions in the weeks to come. If you have registered your interest, we will keep you up-to-date with all the latest additions.

Roland Harwood

Co-Founder and Managing Director, 100%Open
Roland Harwood

Facilitator: Roland Harwood

Roland Harwood is Co-Founder and Managing Director at 100%Open, the global open innovation agency that works with the likes of LEGO, Unilever, UBS, Oxfam and Governments around the world to co-innovate with their partners. It was a spin-out from NESTA in 2010, the UK Innovation Agency and Investment Fund, where he was Director of Open Innovation. Graduating with a PhD in Physics from Edinburgh University, he has held senior innovation roles in the public and private sector.

He is a keen piano player and has produced TV and film music for SonyBMG.

How the Industrial Internet is Reshaping GE Healthcare

Nuno is General Manager and CTO Software Europe at GE Healthcare with a wealth of experience working in corporations of all sizes, across multiple countries and multiple industries including Banking, Healthcare, Retail, Telco, Insurance and Travel. While deeply technical and hands-on, he is extremely focused on achieving business results and optimising IT organisations. He is a strong believer that IT should be transparent in an organisation and provide the required agility allowing the business to be more successful. Nuno will share the evolution and impact of Cloud at GE Healthcare. He’ll also be joining the panel debate on the Internet of Things.

Nuno Godinho

GM and CTO Software Europe, GE Healthcare
Henry Warren

Michael Winterson

Director of Business Development & Equinix Services
Michael Winterson

The Interconnected Era - How Interconnection Oriented Architecture is reshaping the Enterprise.

Michael Winterson joined Equinix in September 2007 when the company acquired London AIM listed IXEurope. At Equinix, he held the positions of VP of Marketing and VP of Sales before his current role.

Joining IXEurope as part of the startup management team in January 2000, he brings over 14 years of data centre services experience and held senior positions in country management, sales and marketing.

Before IXEurope, Michael was involved in two other technology startups in Europe that were eventually sold to US and Japanese companies. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics and French from Northwestern University and a master’s degree in International Economics from the Graduate Institute – Geneva. An itinerant American, Michael fell in love with Europe at an early age and has never looked back.

Digitalization @ The LEGO Group.

Esben has been at LEGO since 2009 and today is their Vice President and CTO of Corporate IT. He was previously in the Energy sector where he served as Group IT Manager for AarhusKarlshamn (formerly Aarhus Oil Factory). Esben will discuss IT strategy at LEGO with a focus on its hosting principles and co-location strategy.

Esben Viskum

Vice President, CIT Technology & Security, LEGO
Henry Warren

Matt McNeill

Head of Google Cloud Platform, UK & Ireland
Matt McNeill

Architecting the future - innovation, data, analytics and cloud at Google

Matt is Head of Google Cloud Platform business for the UK & Ireland, responsible for the business development, sales and account management teams. He is focused on helping Google customers in adopting and using Google’s Enterprise Cloud technologies, including Google Compute Engine, App Engine, BigQuery, Machine Learning and Big Data solutions.

Matt joined Google Enterprise in 2009 as UK & Ireland Industry Head for Retail, and worked with foresighted customers such as Burberry, Specsavers and Ocado to be the first of many retailers to adopt Google Apps for Business. In 2011 Matt took up the EMEA lead for Enterprise Business Solutions, and led the launch of the Google Cloud Platform compute and Big Data business in EMEA. Matt then spent 2 years leading the account management for Google Cloud Platform in EMEA and responsible for managing the largest customer deployments and ongoing relationships in the region.

A Driverless Future. MOVE_UK: How Bosch, Jaguar Land Rover, Direct Line, Floow UK and TRL are making automated vehicles a reality on London's Roads.

Neil Sharpe is a Director at TRL, a world-renowned transport research and consultancy provider. Having worked on global connected urban mobility projects since 2009, Neil has developed a deep strategic, operational and cultural understanding of emerging mobility, low carbon vehicles and their associated business models. Neil will discuss the launch of the UK Smart Mobility Living Lab @ Greenwich which was established to create an open innovation environment for connected and automated vehicles.

Neil Sharpe

Strategic Automotive Lead, TRL
Neil Sharpe

Charles Ewen

Chief Information Officer – The Met Office
Charles Ewen

Innovation Through Interconnection.

Charles is responsible for the development and implementation of our ICT Strategy and for the internal technical teams within the Technology Information Services Directorate. He works closely with their Science teams to operate their High Performance Computing capability.

He has worked for the Met Office in a number of senior technology roles since 2008 and, prior to that, worked in the Business-to-Business online retail and distribution industry.

During this time he used relevant technologies to transform businesses from traditional retail approaches to being internet and technology capable. As well as a number of consulting appointments, he worked within the Premier Farnell group of companies for over 10 years. He has run my own small technology company and started his career as an Electronics Engineer in the defence industry.

How Collaboration is re-defining the Enterprise Edge

Brenden has worked in and around network and internet design, architecture and operations for 16 years. He has experience across Europe with some of the region's largest telecommunications and internet companies, delivering and developing new services. Prior to Equinix he worked as a lead pre-sales consultant for Juniper Networks on some of their largest EMEA accounts. At Equinix he works with our customers to identify and develop new cloud and internet ecosystems .

Brenden Rawle

Lead Global Solution Architect, Equinix
Brenden Rawle

Henry B Warren

CIO of Mwabu
Henry Warren

Ten things companies need to do to ensure innovation actually delivers

Henry is a multi-award winning entrepreneur with a number of successful technology companies under his belt. He is currently the CIO of Mwabu, owner of Foolish Fundraising and Henry B Warren Consulting. He is also a trustee of the grant making trust CIVA & Chair of the new iAfrica Foundation. Henry is passionate about education, technology and social change.

How Ford are re-architecting to become an interconnected Enterprise.

Mark is an IT professional with over 30 years experience in many industry sectors. Mark joined Ford’s Accelerated Solutions Centre in 2001. Today, he is a responsible for the planning and engineering of information and communication technology facilities for Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA), and process improvement globally. Mark has played a key role in the consolidation of Ford’s data centers, he is passionate about reducing the cost of IT infrastructure whilst ensuring it meets the availability needs of business customers.

Mark Howell

Process Improvement Manager, Global IT Facilities P&E, Ford
Henry Warren

John Abel

Public Technology Cloud Leader, Oracle
John Abel

What are people doing in the Cloud?

John has worked with Oracle for over 20 years and, during this time, he has worked in Support, Applications, Technology and Consulting. More recently he's been in Oracle Systems for 4 years using all his prior experience to share and explain Oracle On Oracle.

John's main focus now is Engineered Systems, Oracle On Oracle and Database As A Service across Europe, often using his prior experience to explain Technology to customers.

In all of his presentations, John relates to actual customer experience and provides real world answers to real world problems. He is also a successful Oracle Press Author and using his experience of over 300+ customer engagements has produced publications explaining the Oracle Technology and Application.

Cloud Security – what to look out for

After studying physics, Guido ‘rolled into’ IT in the late 90’s. He has actually been a real techie, working for a number of years in the worlds of Microsoft and Cisco. With that ‘real IT’ experience in his back pocket, he moved to architecture, presales and product roles, within national and international managed services companies.

Throughout his career, Guido has always had a healthy interest in topics concerning information security. Currently Guido supports a number of Equinix’s Global Accounts and works on designing repeatable solutions.

Guido Coenders

Lead Global Solution Architect, Equinix
Guido Coenders

Roger Camrass

Visiting Professor, Surrey Business School
Roger Camrass

The 'why', 'what', 'when' and 'how' factors of 'escaping legacy'

Roger Camrass is a highly respected thought leader, practitioner and facilitator within the new digital economy.

Having met with over forty of Europe's leading CIOs to discuss the 'state of digital innovation' in 2015, Roger identified 'Legacy' as the single, most immediate challenge in realising the full benefits of new digital technologies such as mobile, cloud, data analytics and social media.

His current research, 'escaping legacy', reveals how Boards and CIOs of FTSE100 companies recognise the growing 'technology debt' that could reduce their competitiveness in coming years, and encourage new entrants to take vital market share.

Roger's more recent book, 'Atomic: reforming the business landscape into the new structures of tomorrow' has helped Fortune 1000 companies such as BP and P&G rethink their business operating models.

Host: Panel Debate on IoT

Kasper is a journalist covering European telecoms, semiconductors and bits in between for Bloomberg. He is a native of Helsinki, where he wrote about the burgeoning technology start-up scene for several years, alongside all things financial. He settled in London last year in the name of interconnectivity.

Kasper Viita

Reporter, Bloomberg
Kasper Viita

Mark Younger

EU General Manager, Samsung SmartThings
Mark Younger

Helping to lead the expansion of the business on a global basis

Mark facilitated the launch of SmartThings into the UK in 2015, following the company’s acquisition by Samsung one year prior. SmartThings has since grown into one of the leading platforms for consumer IoT and the easiest way to monitor, control and secure your home from anywhere. Mark now leads development for SmartThings across the EU and has previously worked for the Samsung Global Innovation Center in Korea and Silicon Valley, as well as a number of technology sector startups. He holds an MBA and MPA from Harvard University and a BS in Electrical & Computer Engineering from Duke University.

Internet of Things panel member

After winning several international innovation & design awards in what is already a distinguished career, Raphael is now focusing on disrupting the medical device industry. As CTO of BABYBE, Raphael has helped create the world’s first haptic telepresence device based on touch, allowing mothers to be more connected with their premature babies.

His innovative approach and technical skill has helped BABYBE set the benchmark for premature birth technologies globally.

Raphael Lang

Co-Founder and CTO, BABYBE
Raphael Lang

Dominique Guinard

Dominique Guinard

Panel Debate on IoT

EVRYTHNG is a large-scale Web of Things cloud platform making products smart by connecting them the Web. Dominique holds a Ph.D. from ETH Zurich, where he worked on the early concepts of the Web of Things architecture: an open application layer for the Internet of Things. Before this, Dom spent a decade working on a number of IoT projects: large-scale RFID networks for Sun Microsystems, at the Auto-ID Labs Zurich with Nokia Research on the role of mobiles phones in the IoT, at the MIT Auto-ID labs on bringing the EPCGlobal RFID network to the cloud. Dom recently published the first book on the WoT: "Building the Web of Things" with Manning press and joined the Web of Things Interest Group at W3C with EVRYTHNG as a founding member organization.

Panel Debate on IoT

Stella Creasy is a Labour MP and campaigner. As a member of the House of Commons Select Committee on Science & Technology, Stella is one of Parliament’s best informed figures on the digital economy, technology and data. Stella served as part of Labour’s Shadow Business team between 2013 and 2015, and as part of the Shadow Home Affairs team prior to that. She has frequently spoken on matters concerning data protection, big data and the Internet of Things in Parliament, and continues to campaign on online abuse and trolling.

Stella Creasy

MP, Select Committee on Science & Technology


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