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More than 520 companies reside in Equinix’s Australia colocation facilities to connect to business partners and customers across their digital supply chains. Equinix in Australia is home to many thriving, diverse business ecosystems, including:

Equinix - Sydney data center - SY3 - Australia colocation
  • Financial services firms, which converge on Equinix to streamline trading and share time-sensitive information with partners
  • The most mature cloud service provider market in the Asia-Pacific region, including the ability to establish a private network connection to Amazon Web Services to reduce network costs, increase bandwidth throughput and provide a more consistent network experience than Internet-based connections
  • Emerging services such as IPTV and online gaming, thanks to the National Broadband Network, which is considered one of the best nationwide infrastructures for fast onshore data transfer
  • Enterprises looking to gain proximity to customers and partners and to improve application performance for employees and end-users in Australia
Equinix - Sydney data center - SY3 - Sydney colocation

Our three Sydney data centers provide a total of almost 14,000 square meters (151,000+ square feet) of state of the art colocation space in Australia’s top business market. Our new Melbourne facility, opening in the fourth quarter 2014, will add another 3,300 square meters (36,000 square feet). This new site will serve the state of Victoria, which accounts for almost a quarter of Australia’s GDP. We can help get you up and running in Australia with a rich portfolio of services, from expert consultations with our Global Solutions Architects, who can design and optimize your colocation and network services, to our Smart Hands™ support team for remote data center management.

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How Can We Help?

Tell us more about how we can help you create the perfect solution for your business needs.

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